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Felger & Massarotti opened up Tuesday’s program discussing the Patriots’ debacle of a loss in Miami on Monday Night Football, and how much it really means for the team moving forward.

Tony Massarotti mostly feels that the team’s injuries (as well as Gronk’s suspension) simply caught up to them in the game, and that they have a good chance to rebound with a win on Sunday in Pittsburgh – which would put them right in the driver’s seat in the AFC.

“Long-term concerns? I don’t have huge ones,” said Massarotti. “I have many of the little ones that I had before. But last night does not make me look at them and say all of a sudden, ‘They’re not gonna win the Super Bowl.’ No, I don’t feel that way.”

Jim Murray does, however, have long-term concerns with the play of the Patriots offensive line and defensive front-seven. He’s also wondering what’s wrong with Malcolm Butler and why they’re “playing pretty bad at the worst possible time.”

As for Michael Felger, he already had the same concerns that are being raised in the wake of the loss. He’s just shocked at how well Miami – and quarterback Jay Cutler – performed in the game.

“I thought [Tom] Brady would still put up 42, Miami would give up halfway through the first half, and we wouldn’t have a game. I’m stunned,” said Felger. “I’m stunned with the way Miami played, and the way Miami treated that game. They game-planned it. They game-planned you. And I’m stunned with the way Jay Cutler played.”

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