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Michael Felger’s opening take on Friday’s Felger & Mazz program was a quick look at Thursday night’s Falcons-Saints game, which featured another example of surprising ineptitude by NFL head coaches not named Belichick – even for Saints head coach Sean Payton, who is supposed to be one of the best coaches in the league.

Payton now-infamously flashed a “choking” sign in the direction of the Falcons’ Devonta Freeman during the fourth quarter with the Saints up just 17-10. The Falcons mounted a comeback and held on for a 20-17 win after Drew Brees threw a bad interception in the end zone. On the ensuing Falcons possession, Payton ran on the field to get the officials’ attention for a timeout – but instead got flagged for a 15-yard penalty that gave the Falcons a first down and allowed them to run out the clock.

So that choking gesture … not a good look. Felger ripped Payton a new one for his antics and the “karma” of his own poor decisions leading to the Saints’ fourth-quarter collapse.

“Who choked? Who choked, Payton?” said Felger. “What a classless move. To flash the choke sign? Because [the Falcons] lost the Super Bowl the year before? Meanwhile when was the last time you were in the playoffs, Sean Payton? What a loser move that is.”

The Saints last played a playoff game in 2013 and haven’t won in the playoffs since Super Bowl XLIV in the 2009 season, for the record.

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