New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski lost his cool in a major way last Sunday against the Bills, but the Patriots as a team usually maintain their composure in heated moments better than others. It’s a hallmark of why they have won so consistently.

But the games will only get more intense and competitive down the stretch, and if things get chippy you can expect Patriots center David Andrews to be in the thick of it. He talked about what he and the Patriots need to do moving forward to avoid situations like the one Gronkowski got himself into against Buffalo.

“You’ve always got to try to keep your cool. You never want to do anything [egregious]. That’s just football,” said Andrews. “There’s gonna be ups and downs. You just want to [keep your cool] and try to avoid those situations – but sometimes they happen.”

He admitted that moments like the ones seen in Patriots-Bills, and also in Steelers-Bengals on Monday night, are a byproduct of a point in the season where the competitiveness ramps up significantly. He explained how the Patriots, and every other team, will be able to be more composed as the season progresses down the stretch – even if they are tempted to fight back in a heated moment.

“It takes mental focus, toughness too. Sometimes you want to retaliate, but you can’t. You’ve just got to put the team first,” said Andrews. “It’s a tough, competitive league, especially times like now. Teams are jockeying for position. … Now it’s getting to real football time. It’s real competitive, and that’s what you’re seeing.”

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