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Tom Brady has long established a tradition of releasing cartoons called “The TB Times” after every Patriots win, and he posted the newest one soon after the Pats’ 35-17 win over the Dolphins on Sunday. But there’s a problem with this one: it’s hard to figure out what exactly it means.

Check out the new “TB Times” below, via Brady’s Instagram account. It features Brady underwater with a dolphin (of course), which is trying to sell the quarterback a fidget spinner. There’s also a fish, alligator, lobster, and turtle present in the cartoon, for unknown reasons.

Whereas most “TB Times” issues have been fairly straightforward (and corny), this one is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Why is the dolphin trying to sell fidget spinners? What do the other animals represent? Why does the alligator have a mustache and dreadlocks? So many questions.


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So naturally, Toucher & Rich decided to call for listeners and Twitter followers to explain to them what they think is happening. You can listen to them discuss the cartoon in the above podcast.

And with their wide range of theories and questions, their Twitter followers delivered.

Cue the “X-Files” music.

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